Metal casting and metal designs

Bronze Castle Commission Bronze Castle - Construction Crucible - Molten Bronze Bronze Cow Sculpture Bronze Sphinx Sample Casting

Services provided:

Metal and bronze casts can be reproduced from original one of items. This is done by moulding the original in a flexible rubber, and then producing wax copies from the rubber moulds which in turn are cast into bronze and other precious metals.

Bronze casting using ceramic moulds permits the artist to produce highly detailed and complex work. Fine impressions such as finger prints from hand modelling wax can be seen detailed in bronze casts.

Fine art casting for one off unique models, including work still containing natural organic matter or even aluminium armitures. This type of commission requires care and various technical processes to finally produce a bronze casting, but can negate the need for producing and funding the cost of rubber moulds.

Edition casting for artists and designers with a portfolio of work.

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